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TJM Underbody Guard

Product code: 077SBFUG87D

Weight: 4 Kg
Price excl. VAT: 4 400,00 Kč
Price incl. VAT: 5 324,00 Kč

Product description

TJM Steel Underbody Guard of Engine. TJM offer the most durable underbody protection on the market that’s carefully engineered and press folded for absolute maximum strength. To protect the most vulnerable components underneath the vehicle TJM underbody guards are constructed from 3mm thick steel sheet and incorporates strategic folds for incredible strength. They are electro coated black for corrosion resistance of up to 500 hours. The advantages of electro coating is that it gets into all the nooks and crannies and is much more resilient to chipping when knocked around, unlike powder-coated varieties. 3mm thick steel, Provides excellent underbody protectio, Electro coated black for up to 500 hours of corrosion resistance, Press folded in strategic areas for absolute maximum strengt, Front underbody, sump and transmission guards availabl, Drain access holes for sump and transmission where necessar

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Mark Model Specification
TOYOTA Hilux 4WD 2015-2018
TOYOTA Hilux 4WD 2018-2020