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TJM Diff Locks Rear

Product code: 168PL04

Weight: 10 Kg
Price excl. VAT: 24 500,00 Kč
Price incl. VAT: 29 645,00 Kč

Product description

Advantages of a TJM Pro Locker.Unique air operated piston style actuator eliminates the possibility of oil being pumped up the airline. Hardened thrust washers and the size of the locking ring make Pro Locker extremely strong in operation. Contains stronger materials and a thicker carrier compared to most standard differentials. Larger pinion gears are used in comparison to most standard differentials. No carrier modification needed other than the drilling and tapping of a bulkhead fitting port. Large pre-tensioned 3/8” bolts hold the Pro Locker hemisphere together. Robust design equals less maintenance. Reinforced rubber external hose extension is supplied as standard to minimize the risk of the airline being damaged by debris while driving. Recessed coloured L.E.D. cabin switches show clearly when TJM Pro Locker is on or off. Patented design that has been used and proven in the field for over 20 years.

Díl spadá pod následující vozidla

Mark Model Specification
NISSAN Patrol Y61 98+ na pružinách
NISSAN Patrol Y61 98+ na listech