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TJM Steel Bull Bar T15 11+ Flared

Product code: 070SB15F87B

Weight: 30 Kg
Price excl. VAT: 18 903,50 Kč
Price incl. VAT: 22 873,24 Kč

Product description

Only for models with flares. The TJM T15 steel deluxe bull bar is one of our premium products available in our frontal protection range. The T15 shape is signified by a strong centre loop, accompanied by two refined side loops protecting the headlights. The steel deluxe variant equips the bar with integrated fog and indicator lights, winch compatibility and allows for significant improvements in approach angles. The thick steel tubing provides first-class protection whilst the comprehensive engineering features enable the bar to be air bag compatible and ADR compliant. Designed for improved approach angles. 76mmØ centre tube 50-63mmØ outer tubes. Integrated fog lights (fog lights, wiring harness & switches included). Flush mounted polycarbonate indicator lenses. Reinforced T-slot recovery jack points (suits a wide range of recovery jacks including the TJM recovery jack). Low profile winch mount. Winch frame holds a wide range of recovery winches (Up to 12,000lb). Accommodates large driving lights (Up to Britax Xray Vision 220 & 220c). Provision for fitment of dual aerials. Air bag compatible and ADR compliant. Does not void your new vehicle warranty

Díl spadá pod následující vozidla

Mark Model Specification
TOYOTA Hilux 4WD 2011-2015